Wedding Spotlight- The Harmesons

 One of my FAVORITE stories that has come from The North Church Venue has been Amanda and Justin’s story. Originally, their wedding day was supposed to be December 23, 2022. We had coordinated with them on vendors, decor, and everything in between for their big day and it was all going according to plan. That was until the week of their wedding when the forecast called for a huge snow storm that was set to come in the night before their wedding (don’t you just love Indiana weather?) On Tuesday the 20th we all spoke on the phone and they asked if it would be possible to move their wedding up a day to the 22nd and we said “of course!”

After two days of phone calls to vendors, every guests, and rearranging the schedule a little bit, they were able to pull off moving their wedding a day early. There was only one vendor who was unavailable a day early so the bride’s mom (who is an angel and our staff still talks about their whole family to this day) was able to make bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids! Their wedding day was absolutely perfect in every way. My favorite thing about Amanda and Justin is that they didn’t let the stress of moving the wedding up get to them. This was the text I received from Amanda the day they decided to move the wedding: “Justin and I talked a little this morning and we both just want to get married and so however it happens, happens is how we are looking at things. Definitely not what I expected to wake up to, but it definitely isn’t the end of the world.” And this is why we love them and have loved keeping up with their lives! Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Harmeson and the beautiful life you have created in the last 10 months!


Catering: Pete’s Bar & Grill

DJ: Bright Light Entertainment

Photographer: Eivan’s Photo and Video

Cake: Under the Sun Bakery

If you have already booked with us, we can’t wait for your big day and are always here for questions that may arise. If you can envision your special day with please call, text, or email us to schedule a private tour. We can’t wait to meet you!

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